Audio Recording



(8 hours flat fee)

We are equipped with a 24-channel analogue front end supported by Focusrite pre-amps designed to handle every scenario.  The 750 sq ft live room is acoustically treated and complimented by our roomy 7'x'10' isolation booth. We support both OSX and Windows systems with Pro Tools as our primary software platform for audio engineering. 

Our resident audio engineer is Riley Farmer. Trained at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART), Riley is a talented, enthusiastic, and professional engineer who is comfortable to work with.  Further information can be found at

Rehearsal Rates

Non-members $25/hr+hst

Members $20/hr+hst

Our live room is fully equipped for rehearsal and stocked with professional gear designed to meet any demand. For those interested in regular use we offer a membership option with a monthly payment system.

As always, we aim to be as accommodating as possible and we support our members in many ways. Whether it's advertising a performance, collecting media, or emergency support for technical difficulties you can count on guerrillaSTUDIOS.

We require a minimum of 2 sessions per month in order to qualify for membership benefits. Members are generally expected to adhere to a 3-hour session framework and to make an effort to maintain a regular schedule.

Events & Other Services





guerrillaSTUDIOS is a beautiful and versatile space. We celebrate the opportunity to utilize the studio for special occasions such as workshops, seminars, and promotional events.

We also are happy to help with many other services including instrument repair, video recording, live sound, graphic design, website design, & grant funding. 

Rates for such services are determine on case by case basis.